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Crappy Levels Taking Over The Cool Pages And Noobs

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2013-12-08 10:49:00 / Author: Mdoodle22
I'm tired of seeing all these terrible levels on the cool levels and noobs playing lbp that play an amazing level and saying its crappy or saying its good but not even yaying it. I'm also tired of people who put 5 min in making a level and acting liked they worked hard on it and they get a ton of plays and they keep making terrible levels and then they write reviews on other people's levels that actually took time to make and calling them bad and to hard or whatever.
2013-12-08 10:49:00
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2013-12-08 11:11:00 / Author: Deleted User
Hello, welcome to LittleBigForum.
You're tired of the situation in the community? Well, me too, especially here, on LBF, when people keep writing pointless topics that don't open any discussions or don't say anything important(not even anything that everyone wouldn't know in this case).
Bad levels are popular, while the good ones are not? Why would you care? Do you think we don't know that? What kind of replies did you expect to get?
Tip for future: Think about why you are posting something, what information you're giving and make sure that information is important(nobody cares about your personal opinion if it's not supported by arguments based on facts)
Thread to be closed or deleted.
2013-12-08 11:11:00
Deleted User
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2013-12-08 12:50:00 / Author: XZombieKing1999X
Okay... either you care about the cool page, or your like me and grow up. It's just a stupid game, nothing will come out of being on the cool page. If your driven by plays it will ruin you. Build for fun, not a pointless number to show off to everyone.
I also notice how biased LBP is. One person starts whining about something and everyone else starts whining too.
This game was not put down by the copiers, or the bad levels. This game was ruined by people like you.. honestly the game was fun until kill joys popped up.

This thread should be deleted. He just posted the obvious, and on a topic that has been covered hundreds of pointless times.
2013-12-08 12:50:00
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2013-12-08 13:02:00 / Author: TheAngler2010
Yeah going with zombieking I made my lbf hub for fun in almost little time and people where saying that it sucked and hating on it and some of these people levels are worse or they don't have any so why can they talk about my level and they judge people by how many hearts they have.. Its a game get over it
2013-12-08 13:02:00
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