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We Need More Vita Spotlights!

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2014-01-13 13:15:00 / Author: Mdoodle22
There have been a good amount of high quality levels published over the past month or 2 and there have been no vita spotlights for a long long time now! My question is why??!! This is why there aren't as many high quality levels on lbp vita because of the lack of motivation, and part of that is because there are hardly any spotlights now, the cool pages is junk pretty much and the crappy levels beat the good ones in play perspective. Also there have been no recent team picks! Because of all these factors there has been a lack of quality levels in lbp vita. And we can spark a change! BUT there have to be more spotlights that are published levels on lbp vita, and deny playing the bad quality levels as much as you can, go down a few pages on the cool levels and find what looks like a quality level and if it is high quality and good then YAY IT! Don't know what a yay is? Well it helps creators get noticed, you yay a level by pausing the game and tap on the face or at the end of a level tap the face. Anyways if there are more spotlights then there will be better levels! Also if you find a good level share it with your friends, and definitely make sure to yay it. Thanks for your time. Hope this helps for the good of the lbp vita community.
2014-01-13 13:15:00
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2014-01-14 02:27:00 / Author: DeKa1357
We have every month a hub on vita with 6 levels! LBPC too!
2014-01-14 02:27:00
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2014-01-14 11:38:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
Well we publish every month a new episode Here is the latest from december

We can't publish a hub all 2 weeks as It would not be possibly to do that in time
2014-01-14 11:38:00
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2014-01-14 13:48:00 / Author: Mdoodle22
Okay, but are those spotlights published as hubs on lbp vita the game as a level so more people see them? Because I haven't seem a littlebigplanet central hub forever on lbp vita, because the only way they will make a difference is if a lot of people see the spotlights and not every person who has lbp goes on to the sites to see spotlights
2014-01-14 13:48:00
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2014-01-14 21:17:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Yes, LBPC also create their spotlight hubs on LBPV and get them published on StevenI's earth (1 hub per month) just like us.
Here take a look:
2014-01-14 21:17:00
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2014-01-15 05:19:00 / Author: Biorogue
yes, the lack of Vita Team Picks is sad. I keep checking and hoping but they just aren't there. I just have to rely on LBF and LBPC members to keep making good levels.
2014-01-15 05:19:00
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