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Is buying LBPVita a good idea?

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2015-05-23 08:58:00 / Author: Pan_Ziemniak
I mean... People say it's dying.
I'd like to get it so I can create stuff and kill boredom.

So my questions are:

1.Is this game dead?
2.Is it a good idea to buy it?
3.Do people still make cool stuff?

Answers will be appreciated.
2015-05-23 08:58:00
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2015-05-23 09:44:00 / Author: Woutery
Can't you play LBP3 if you want to kill boredom?

1 - Yes, the game is dead, apart from a small group of H4H'ing bomb survivalists where half of them doesn't even properly speak English. In fact, that's what it was like when i last played LBPV about 6 months ago. I lost the cartridge, sadly.
2 - No.
3 - I wouldn't assume it, but it's always fun to see what cool stuff has already been made, as there is plenty.
2015-05-23 09:44:00
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2015-05-23 11:43:00 / Author: Pan_Ziemniak
Forgot to say I want to kill boredom IN PLACES I CAN'T USE PS3. Thank you anyway.
You know... Hospitals are still a thing in my life... Yeah.
2015-05-23 11:43:00
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2015-05-23 12:12:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
well there are maybe no good new levels but there exist many "old" levels with a great gameplay. LittleBigForum had also some spotlight episodes months ago
2015-05-23 12:12:00
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2015-05-23 12:23:00 / Author: CuriousSack
Hi Pan,

when I got me my PSVita a year ago I played the LBP-story and its been fun,and then I paused playing vita, cause I've been working on my LBP2 projects, I paused it for nearly half a year, but when my PS3 broke, I redescovered LBPVita for me! Currently I'm working simultaneously on my "pairs" level for LBP3 and on a vita version! I'm also planning a music gallery for both systems! Maybe that LBP Vita is "dead"! Thats not really a problem to me! I'm not the passionate online-gamer, i love to experiment with the editor more and to create with the musicsequencer. Though its a pity that there seem to be no new dlc's for LBP Vita. I enjoy to play LBP Vita when I cannot play LBP3 (f.e. when my wife and daughter are occupying the TV). I do not expect that my planned vita-versions will be noticed by a broad community, and creating in LBP vita has a lot of limitations (3 layers, few deco and stickers and material), but creating in LBP vita is a perfect possibility, to test things for my LBP3 creations, such as logical solutions. So to me LBP vita is still a perfect supplement to my LBP3 so that I can be happily creating when my family is happy to watch "Germany's Next Top Model by Heidi Klum!"

Many greetings, J├╝rgen^^
2015-05-23 12:23:00
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2015-05-23 14:53:00 / Author: Psmerga
I dont know if it is good idea to buy vita.
Most of latest vita games feels like 90% copy and paste crap but there are also some cool games to.
But older, converted for vita or emulated games that are listed below the vita games sure makes the decision more pro buying.

Even when this game is for kids, i still had plenty fun playing it.
It was made with plenty of love. It looks simplistic but cute.
Sadly when you play it through, you will not want to play it again and it felt not so long as hoped but wasnt also to short.
This is one of my favorites.

-Rainbow moon.
This game gives you plenty of gametime.
When you play it through, then you can go for extra adventures grinding your levels up to the level cap.
HINT: buy extra starter pack dlc with rainbow pearls for the stats of the main character to push him up a bit but dont spend the pearls on life.
Put them always with every lvl up on everything but life because life can easily swallow all your pearls that you need for speed and strength.
You can spend some on life but take care since it selects many pearls at once for higher jumps in stat raise since life is the only stat that is not capped with level.
You get it pretty cheap but they get your money for the dlc because you will not want to grind like hell.

-Muramasa rebirth.
Nice game for inbetween.
On some spots it can be pretty challenging but mostly easy game.
You dont need dlc here. I bought them but it was a waste of money.

Fun ninja game but pretty short.
Nice concept but like many other vita games it contains pretty much copy and paste.
Since it doesent cost to much, maybe not the worst catch.

Also i would promote the games from psx.
Many of them are by far better than all the new crap together.
Even the graphics can compete since the new games wasnt made that much carefully.
(Buying them directly for vita or via emulator, depends how offered)


-Final fantasy 7. (from psx)
Great graphics and it will easily compete with later vita games.
This had me kidnapped from reality for months.
It is beatable in 35 hours if you know exactly what to do and where to go without to go for 100% explorations and items.
First time when played, i was lost for far over 400 hours in it. (Played on PSX)
Contains epic cut scenes and story. Contains even more epic story and awesome cut scenes. Oh by the way, did i mention how epic and awesome the story and cut scenes were.
Awesome and artistic graphics with many different themes.
If there was copy and paste than i really didnt sense it.
If this game would get new polished graphics, it would again dethrone all other games even on PC.
Bought it for 10? from store for vita even if i will not play it. (For the case that i am bored somewhere without PS3 like on vacation)

-Breath of fire3.
Another epic game that goes for very long gameplay.
Also epic story.

-Final fantasy 6.
Another awesome game. Not so epic like 7 but still pretty outstanding and cheap to buy.

-Final fantasy 7 crysis core. (Via PSP emulator on vita)
This game is varying. I dont know if i should say epic or crapy.
Since i am final fantasy fan, i enjoyed it pretty much because it had plenty of story in it.
Fighting-, and action scenes were not so good since it was pretty much copy and paste.
2015-05-23 14:53:00
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2015-05-23 22:24:00 / Author: Pan_Ziemniak
Thank you, people.
Thread can be closed.
2015-05-23 22:24:00
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