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Buying a Ps Vita in Germany

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2015-05-08 11:12:00 / Author: Imhotep
Hello my fellow forum members,

I was planning on buying a Ps vita soon to play LBP Ps Vita. I've been searching online for the cheapest store to get one and appearantly that's at the moment (Somehow the Ps vita's in the Netherlands are ridiculously expensive).

Here's the URL:

There is no import fee for shipping to the Netherlands (Thanks, European Union!).
Buying my Ps Vita from seems like a good idea in the first place, but I was wondering a few things and since there are a few Germans on the forum, I thought I should ask them here:

1. Is this version the same as the English version (The one being sold in the Netherlands) except from maybe a few details like the boxart?
2. Can you change the console-language to English without any problems?
3. Can I play every game I buy for my Vita here in the Netherlands? (Apparently a lot of games are censored in Germany, as I've been told. I don't know it that applies for Vita games, though.)

If any of you find a better webstore to buy a Ps Vita, please tell me.

I hope someone can answer my questions soon.
Kind regards,

2015-05-08 11:12:00
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2015-05-08 12:58:00 / Author: Woutery
I wouldn't bother with LBPV anymore. It's becoming a dead game if it's not already. Most of the community that still exists there are either stupid H4H'ers and people who create brushed together levels that barely speak English.

I would just stick to LBP2 or 3 unless ofcourse you don't have a PS3/4. They are much more active games and LBP3 pretty much features all of the things LBPV has with even more things added to it. And it has a community.

I do have an answer to your second question as the system language can be changed on the Vita and you can indeed play the game in English.

If you still plan on getting it cheap, have you tried Marktplaats? I got my Vita from there for a great price (?150) in new condition.
2015-05-08 12:58:00
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2015-05-08 14:04:00 / Author: Psmerga
I will stick to the comment of Woutery.
While Vita itself is pretty nice, the games are ... i dont know how to say that.
In the later time i was frequently searching in the store for the vita games.
I really wanted to buy some cool game no matter what.
In the end, i spent the money on other stuff.
There are some few cool games for vita, but the most gives the feeling like playing PS1 or mobile phone.
Simple game mechanics, copy and paste....
Seriously i dont want to talk it bad but i just cant find to much positive stuff to describe it.
If you have enough money and dont care about it, then go for it.
If you would more likely spent it wise, then buy some ps3 or ps4 games for that money.
If you have hard time to make a decision, then look in the store for games that you would like to buy
and then look for the same lets plays on youtube.

I would recommend you Uncharted serie for that money. (1,2 and 3)
I bought Uncharted3 while knowing that i will not play it since i have seen it through. (Because it is THAT GOOD)
I have seen it while my friend was playing it.
The rest of the plot i was looking on youtube and marched afterwards to the store and bought it.
I was THAT MUCH impressed.
It has awesome game mechanics, thrill, story, cut scenes, graphics,puzzles,... in short everything that you need.
2015-05-08 14:04:00
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2015-05-08 15:45:00 / Author: sana_88
^ You know Uncharted 4 will be coming out?
I'm sure it is PS4, so if you do have a PS4 but don't have the other Uncharted games, I'd recommend Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and if you want, save up for Uncharted 4!

PS Vita is kind of dying, not many awesome games, but the community has dropped significantly! So I would not buy it! In Australia, it's like $250! So I'm saving up for new gear and maybe next year, a PS4!
2015-05-08 15:45:00
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2015-05-08 23:56:00 / Author: Psmerga
I know but i dont have PS4
2015-05-08 23:56:00
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2015-05-09 00:38:00 / Author: sana_88
*Tears of sorrow*
At least PS3 rules still
2015-05-09 00:38:00
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2015-05-09 03:00:00 / Author: DeKa1357
1. I think so.
2. You can always change your language on the Vita.
3. The PS Vita has no regional lock so you can buy games from Japan, US or Netherlands ...
2015-05-09 03:00:00
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2015-06-04 09:02:00 / Author: Imhotep
And I'm randomly responding after all this time:

Well, I bought a Ps Vita along with a few games (Borderlands, Tearaway, LBP and uncharted) last month, because I'm stubborn like that.

I must say, I really enjoy LBP. The story is great and the moon-creation is just as good as LBP3.
I've never really played LBP for the multiplayer because I somehow always get connected to children who mic-spam all the time and who are obsessed with FNAF, so that's not really a problem, to be fair.

I really enjoy LBP and in my opinion it's not a waste of money, actually, but that's just my opinion.
2015-06-04 09:02:00
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2015-06-04 09:38:00 / Author: CuriousSack
Hi Imhotep,

I also have a Vita, bought it a year ago for the same price! LBP Vita is fine, but has lots of limitations, but its a fine alternative, if my two ladies are occupying the TV and I also use it for testing some logic for projects in LBP3! Or when I'm composing on my piano and I want to give in my ideas quickly!
Enjoy this little power machine, many greetings, J├╝rgen^^
2015-06-04 09:38:00
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2015-06-18 18:08:00 / Author: mdkd
We are german but talking english.
Whatever,since LBP3 many players have left the game.It's not really a community like LBP2 or 3.
There are some people,who make many H4H levels,which is bad for the whole thing.It's not really nice to see many of these levels.
But a lot of LBP forums have closed.Many guys don't know the new forums...
Actually I'm still playing LBPV.
2015-06-18 18:08:00
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