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How to pause a sequencer.

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2012-08-14 09:57:00 / Author: yugnar
I decided to do this tutorial beacause I've seen a lot of people asking how to accomplish "a pause" in a sequencer's sequence .
First of all, the sequencer is not made to make a full stop and then continue where it left, but there is an incredibly simple way of making an effect pretty much alike.

The thing is, almost nobody seems to care to check out some of the sequencer's settings. Many people I know just wire the sequencer's start input without adjusting anything but the sequencer's speed.

Anyway, it happens to have much more possibilities. This are the sequencer's available settings for that input:
-Start playing forwards
-Start playng backwards
-Speed scale
-Position (Imagine a counter, depending on the number of times it has counted sth, it will make the sequencer be active at an specific point of the sequence.)

If you start to mess around with this awesome settings, you realize that there are much more logic possibilities for the sequencer. If you're looking to make the sequencer pause, make the sequencer settings in Start/Stop, just wire its input with a counter, the reset input of the counter will act as a pause button, and if the counter is full, the sequencer will work. You can also do this by putting the same sequencer into a single microchip, and the using the counter to active/desactivate the microchip. The data of the current position of the sequence isn't lost.

Anyway, by using this methods, be aware that:

Even though if the sequencer is in pause, stuff will still be active, in the point where the sequencer stopped. This can be easily solved by doing this:

Instead of putting your movie cameras, movers, tags, etc. inside the sequencer, place them outside the sequencer in the same microchip, and only use batteries in the sequencer, that activate all that stuff I mentioned in the order you desire.
Then, make sure to use the pause method of activating/desactivating the microchip I mentioned above, that way, all movie cameras, etc. Will remain off during pause mode, and the current sequence position won't be lost.

Also, remember to reset the sequnecer at the end of its sequence with a battery or sth if you want to make it play again!

I'll add some pics when I have some time. Hopefully this helps somebody out there!
2012-08-14 09:57:00
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2012-08-18 18:17:00 / Author: TRaciti
Nice tutorial you got here! Glad to see your helping.
2012-08-18 18:17:00
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2012-08-19 00:51:00 / Author: pate59
Very easy and simple for me but probably useful for new players.
2012-08-19 00:51:00
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2012-08-24 22:20:00 / Author: AgressivePandas
That was really helpful! My new level will be a million times better now.
2012-08-24 22:20:00
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2012-08-25 12:18:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Really helpful, buddy! Glad you are helping
2012-08-25 12:18:00
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2012-08-25 14:47:00 / Author: yugnar
Thanks everyone! It helped more than I had expected. Hopefully I'll be able to share some more tricks of mine in another more complete tutorial soon.
2012-08-25 14:47:00
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2012-08-27 07:17:00 / Author: Jaeydan
Sounds great.
2012-08-27 07:17:00
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