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How to slap another player

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2013-01-28 00:37:00 / Author: Littlebigbrick
This took me a while to figure out but all you need to do is stand next to a player and hold down R2 or L2 (depending on what side you are on) and move the joystick horizontally upwards. Keep trying and you should slap the other player. You will also earn a pin for slapping another player!
2013-01-28 00:37:00
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2013-01-28 03:22:00 / Author: Unnamed
Useless. I think people find out how to slap another player before they even think about an existing of LBP fansites.
2013-01-28 03:22:00
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2013-01-28 04:08:00 / Author: Littlebigbrick
If your going to post things like that then you shouldn't post at all
2013-01-28 04:08:00
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2013-02-07 06:45:00 / Author: PlayCreateShare_
I kind of agree with "?". This isn't a very helpful tutorial. If you don't know how to slap then how would you even know about an LBP fansite?
2013-02-07 06:45:00
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