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2013-03-10 06:14:00 / Author: Hilll011
Ok, I am typing this on my phone and I'm not on LBP2 at the moment so I'll try explain as best as I can. Ok, you know you can go on the Tools Bag and use the fire option and it will be on fire (the object) but in all honesty that looks decent, if you want a great effect, leave the object you want to be on fire as it is, get out your popit and select the object you want to be on fire, and press L3, and move the copied version in a clear open space, then open the Goodies Bag and select hologram and change the material of the copied object to hologram, then edit the hologram and set its movement speed and brightness to 0%. After you have done this, use the Tools Bag and set the hologram on fire, then move the hologram and place it exactly on the non-lethal object, try get it perfectly in place for the best effect. Then once you are happy with the position you have placed it in, press start, and turn Preview ON, then look at the finished product! That is the easy way to make more realistic fire!
2013-03-10 06:14:00
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