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LittleBigLand PS Vita Crown contest!

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2012-10-04 22:22:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
LittleBigLand starts the first VIta crown contest!

?Welcome to LittleBigPlanet Vita?s first crown competition!

?Please read through this whole post carefully.

?You are challenged to make a level using two of LittleBigPlanet Vita?s new and coolest features. Touch and Tilt. The theme, story, type and the length of the level is up to you. Just have fun and get creative with it!

?Contest officially starts on October 5th 12:00am GMT and ends 15th November 12:00am GMT

Heres the link to the post:
2012-10-04 22:22:00
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2012-10-05 05:42:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Too bad I don't have a vita for the moment...
2012-10-05 05:42:00
Posts: 1670

2012-10-05 14:45:00 / Author: TRaciti
I wont be getting a Vita.
2012-10-05 14:45:00
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2012-10-05 20:50:00 / Author: yugnar
I'm entering this one for sure!
2012-10-05 20:50:00
Posts: 766
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