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Halloween contest 2013

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2013-10-27 00:08:00 / Author: dudley3113
Hello its Duds I have decided to create a fun and interesting HalloWeen contest. If you wanna enter make sure it is a platformer and has lots of logic thats what I'm looking for. contest: Halloween HPD for LBF members.

What you need to do: Create a fun Halloween platformer level for lbp2.

Rules: Can you create with a another person:Yes
Do you need the Nightmare before christmas pack:Yes
Is the level aloud to be published on 2 earths:No
Dose it need to be a platformer:Yes
Can I enter 2 or more entries:No
Can I eat you:No

Must have (HPD) at the start of your level if it is not at the start your level will not be judged.

Beginning Time: 28/10/13 Ending Time 8/11/13 Sorry for the late times i tried my best

Judges: Dudley3113 maybe more if I decide.

Prize: The glory of winning a littlebigplanet2 contest and you will also win a Really cool Profile picture ill make for you and you may chose your Colour theme. you can check out the profile picture I have made for myself click here
2013-10-27 00:08:00
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2013-11-01 18:18:00 / Author: dudley3113
2013-11-01 18:18:00
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