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2014-03-30 10:54:00 / Author: Hyperdude53
Contest Crew Note: LBPCentral is currently down, we will accept entries that are posted here as a reply in this thread as well. Make sure to add (LBPC12) in your level name as well so we can add it to the list! Please stay tuned for more info.

Hey everyone! We?re back with a new contest for you. Before we get into the details, though, we?d like to say farewell to thespacemonkey187 who is leaving the Crew to ?spend more time with his family? wink.gif In his case, though, it?s true as the birth of his daughter means he has his hands full for a while. Congratulations to him and a huge thank you for everything he has done for the Crew. We?ll miss him A LOT!

Welcome to the Flip Side!

Welcome to a world of contradictions, contrast and reversals. Yes, our theme for this contest is ?opposites?, where night meets day, black meets white and fire meets ice. Even the contest itself is a double-sided one. We thought it was time to showcase not just the create skills in the Community but the playing skills as well. So we start out with a create contest in which we are asking you to build a highscore level on the theme of ?opposites? and then, once we?ve chosen the finalists from the create stage, we want to flip the contest over into a play contest and award a prize to the person who gets the highest scoreboard rankings in the shortlisted levels.

The contest is for both LBP2 and LBP Vita entries. A Crown and an LBPC pin will be awarded to the winner of the both the LBP2 and Vita create contests. The runner up in each category will get a $20 PSN card (or its nearest equivalent in other currencies).

The winner of the play contest will get an LBPC pin and a $20 PSN card.


For the create part of the challenge we?d like you to build a highscore level i.e. a level where the gameplay is focussed on getting that coveted top slot on the scoreboard. This doesn?t mean you have to use race gates, though. Your level could feature bubble combos or cunningly hidden secret point stashes or anything else that will bring out that competitive edge in the players and get them gunning for first place. Replay value will be key.

The theme for the highscore levels is ?opposites?. So your level should feature two contrasting elements or concepts, such as red/green, good/evil, big/small and so on. Ideally, these opposing elements should not be decorative only but be integrated into or affect the gameplay in some way.


? Create an original previously unpublished level based on the contest theme and gameplay requirements.

? The level can be of any genre, so long as accumulating a score is an integral part of the level

? Given the type of gameplay we?re looking for, cutscenes should be avoided apart from a short intro or outro (optional).

? One level slot/thermo per entry.

? All entries must be playable in LittleBigPlanet 2 or LBP Vita only. No cross-controller levels, but wormholes (and other cross-controller DLC) within a level without using the cross-controller functionality are allowed.

? Publish your levels between 25th and 30th April (final deadline is 11.59 pm GMT on 30th April) and include the text ?(LBPC12)? in the title of the level.

? Post links to your levels in this thread, so we?re sure not to miss them!

? You can only submit one entry. This means you must choose to enter either an LBP2 or a Vita entry NOT BOTH.

? After the deadline, do not republish. Levels republished after the deadline will be disqualified. Exceptions may be made for quick fixes with respect to level titles, description, badges, or major game-breaking fixes, but only with the prior consent of the contest crew. If you need to request an edit, please post in this thread and send me a PM.

? Last but not least, have fun, play fair and respect other creators, LBPC members, Judges and Staff! (Contestants banned from LBPC at any time during the period of the contest are automatically disqualified from it)


Further details of the play challenge will be released nearer the time but essentially the goal will be for players to get the highest possible ranking they can in each of the shortlist contest entries. (If we don?t get enough entries in the Vita create competition we may not be able to run a play contest for Vita.)

Creators of the shortlisted levels will not be allowed to compete in the play contest as they would clearly have something of an advantage over everyone else!

When the play contest is over the results of the create and play contests will be announced at the same time.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

? biorogue ? Dav1d0 ? hyperdude95 ? Jauw ? Pookachoo ? Shadowriver ? shropshirelass
2014-03-30 10:54:00
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2014-03-30 11:15:00 / Author: yugnar
This one seems quite awesome! The chance of winning a crown in Vita is quite tempting. I hope to see many entries for this one
2014-03-30 11:15:00
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2014-03-30 11:37:00 / Author: Dertyde94
It's funny to see a contest from a website on another website
But that's a good idea.

I guess that's why I couldn't sign in T.T
2014-03-30 11:37:00
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2014-03-30 11:45:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
I've already started making my level for this and i'm almost done-ish Great contest!
2014-03-30 11:45:00
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2014-03-30 11:48:00 / Author: Sandro8708
LBPC still down!
2014-03-30 11:48:00
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2014-03-31 08:36:00 / Author: Hyperdude53
I don't expect LBPC to be up anytime soon, will share more details when we can.

2014-03-31 08:36:00
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2014-04-02 10:46:00 / Author: Sandro8708
.....and its down again
2014-04-02 10:46:00
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2014-04-02 11:00:00 / Author: kip_paard_koe123
Not my style so i wont join and then the rest will have a chance of winning
2014-04-02 11:00:00
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2014-04-02 23:19:00 / Author: dakrrs
I don't enter in these kinds of contests. I work on my own stuff. I am excited to see all the creations you guys (and gals) have in store though.

Dolphins-R-Lame has a pretty good concept. I'm liking how his is coming along.
2014-04-02 23:19:00
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2014-04-12 14:51:00 / Author: Sandro8708
My level is done, ready to be published, but I hate to wait >.<
2014-04-12 14:51:00
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2014-04-17 10:51:00 / Author: Hyperdude53
Only 8 more days until the pub windows comes up!

2014-04-17 10:51:00
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2014-04-17 13:13:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
OMG! 8 days I really need to work harder!!
2014-04-17 13:13:00
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2014-04-20 16:26:00 / Author: Seleven7
I already have a crown, but thanks anyway.
2014-04-20 16:26:00
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2014-04-24 11:45:00 / Author: Hyperdude53
The publishing window opens tommorrow!

Get those links and publishing button ready!

Friendly reminder: Make sure you have (LBPC12) in the title of your level!

2014-04-24 11:45:00
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2014-04-25 11:15:00 / Author: JellyBellyScout
Well, I'll publish my entry soon! Hope is good, It's over 2000kb so loading times are..... Eh
2014-04-25 11:15:00
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2014-04-27 08:25:00 / Author: Louis
Question please! I couldn't reply from this thread but the one at! Is there another way that I can post my entry?
2014-04-27 08:25:00
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2014-04-27 09:58:00 / Author: Louis
I've just published my entry now! You can queue it right away here!

Please enjoy!
2014-04-27 09:58:00
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2014-04-30 11:33:00 / Author: oscarejo

2014-04-30 11:33:00
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2014-05-27 06:37:00 / Author: Biorogue
The announcement has been made and for the first and last time in LBPCentral history, there has been declared a tie! A huge congratulations to co-winners Shookie and PJ15 for creating such awesome levels for the create contest.
The Vita side of things saw Lordwardblade take the win and in the high score challenge, coolman walked away as top scorer. Big congrats to all of these guys. Well done. Original Announcement Here
2014-05-27 06:37:00
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2014-05-27 12:46:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Congrats to all the entrants and of course the winners! Must have been a tough decision. Ugh, if only I didn't miss the high score challenge! I love those kind of contests!
2014-05-27 12:46:00
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2014-05-29 05:01:00 / Author: Sean1234
2014-05-29 05:01:00
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2014-05-29 11:50:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Please avoing being out off-topic.
2014-05-29 11:50:00
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