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Im not really enjoying the hub level design.

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2014-12-28 19:37:00 / Author: Fox
In LBP3, you're presented with a new hub level design, kind of like the DC Comic Pack's earth design. Although this might be kind of cool, I don't really like it. Why? In LBP1 and 2, you had a different story design. You were forced to play levels in a certain order. To progress to the next level, you have to actually complete the level before it to unlock it. This means that there's actually a story, and you can't, for example, skip to the Cosmos and defeat the Negativitron then go back to Da Vinci's Hideout to be trained to defeat it when you first start the game. That doesn't make sense. Once you've run through the entire story, you can obviously play through levels out of order, but you've probably gotten the story by this point. In LBP3, although you have to complete the hubs (technically "adventure maps" ) to progress to the next one, there's no clear story. It's like reading the Wikipedia description of movies instead of watching it, if that makes any sense. You aren't playing a specific story at all. In the hubs, you can skip to different levels. Completely different parts of the map! The levels in them don't have a plot that really works. It's more like completing minigames rather than learning what's happening. None of the levels really have any relation to the story (in LBP3's case, the little cutscenes are the only things that really have anything to do with the plot, because they're the only things that really give you any information on what's happening). They don't follow a specific part of the plot like LBP1 and 2's did. Let's sum this up:

In LBP1 and 2, you HAD to play levels in order, which means that they can have a more descriptive and complex plot that occurs in order, not a story that was made vague and unexplicit in order to be able to be played out of order, like LBP3's.

In LBP3, the story is organized into hubs, where levels of the story can be compiled. You can play these levels out of order. Although this'll save people time by eliminating some unnecessary back story, the disadvantage is that they have to keep the levels from following a specific plot (for example, a hub level can't be like "Kill the Boss" and then another one "Find the Boss" in the same hub, because you can't find the boss after killing it <if that makes any sense> ), which makes them seem more like generic puzzle plat formers with absolutely no story or minigames. The hub levels are just like "Find and Retrieve the Marble", which works if you play it out of order.
2014-12-28 19:37:00
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