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The Super Player - A Futuristic Multimedia Player for LBP3

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2015-01-10 13:53:00 / Author: S.P. Sour
(Note: If anyone notices any similarities to the thread about the MusicPlayer by BillyAnderson9 - both are cartridge-based consoles made by a group called T-Games ( ), we specialize in these(we currently have 3 in LBP2), but the 'Player' thing is a coincidence)

What on earth is the Super Player? I'll tell you.
Similar to a real-life video game console, it takes cartridges made by people like you and plays the game(s) or pictures, music, etc. inside.
In the picture above(sorry for quality, I have yet to upload a better pic), the Super Player is that big yellow-and-blue box with the logic on the sidebars. All that may look daunting, but it's simple: turn on a toggle to activate a feature. On\Off turns on(or off) the console. The first "Auto-Attach" option(these are the + things) makes cartridges automatically slide to the slot(there is currently a bug making them move to the back, but this will be fixed ASAP), the second makes sets of Movinators (for anyone who will play games with PS Move support) attach themselves to their place, and the third will lock on a new sidebar. (Maybe don't activate that with the first sidebar still in place though!) Next/Previous(the fast-forward\backward icons) will go to the next or previous app, when you're playing a cartridge with multiple apps in it. Disable Credits("WHO-RU?" with toggle): The Super Player has a feature where when it displays the cartridge in play's name before activating it, it will also add "by (author's name)." If you wish to skip that part, activate Disable Credits. Soundtrack Only(the music note) is somewhat self-explanatory: it disables everything but the music when playing apps. Credits\Update Log("WHO-RU?" without toggle\"UPDATE LOG") are not features, they give credit to SP creators and list changes made to the console, respectively. The X on the right sidebar destroys the sidebar, making room for a new one.

To play a cartridge, one simply puts down the cartridge on the slot(the blue-outlined circle in the middle of the yellow-outlined rectangle on the bottom) and turns on the console. The Controlinators you see near it are for you to enter, they should correspond to the controls of the game once it has started. (If not, perhaps the creator of the game has done something incorrectly! Report this to them, or any other bugs in the game you may find.)

I am currently writing an instructions manual to reiterate this to new users, as well as answer questions.

If anyone wants to know how to create a cartridge of their own, I can edit this post to include that.

Features may look sparse now, but lots of great things are planned! I in fact have 2 nice games to release soon.

Any questions? Just ask.
2015-01-10 13:53:00
S.P. Sour
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