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2015-01-11 08:11:00 / Author: se-mi92
Venice Venture (Platformer) link

Hey there, I´d like to present my first LBP3 level! (apart from my Beta level )
It´s a Platformer, like all of my levels... Well what can I say more? Oh yea, the level contains a selfmade Powerup, an umbrella (yes, very exciting ) with which sackboy can glide in the air to cross bigger gaps or fly up on steams.

I´m really impressed by all the possibilities of the new create mode, especially the dynamic thermometer. I used like 16 different materials and more than 40 different decorations and the thermo was still not bursting!
2015-01-11 08:11:00
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2015-01-11 10:26:00 / Author: 211Nickey
Fun Fact: LBP3 originally was going to have an umbrella powerup, but it was cut.

I will certainly play it, because Umbrellas.
2015-01-11 10:26:00
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2015-01-11 11:21:00 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
Awesome level ! I really liked it ^^ Who knows, it may appear on youtube in a little bit at 3pm ^^
2015-01-11 11:21:00
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2015-01-11 14:47:00 / Author: shookie99
Played this a few days ago. Everything was fantastic....until I got to the custom power up. It would not work for me. I walked over it many times and still nothing. Nothing happened for L1 or R1 and nothing in the sack pocket. On another note, I have played some community levels and my sack pocket had all of the lbp3 power ups even though I don't think I was supposed to have access to all of them. I will try it again and see what happens. Again, fantastic from what I got to play.
2015-01-11 14:47:00
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2015-01-11 17:11:00 / Author: nerd_dog
after reading all this, I may have to give it a go. queued up!
2015-01-11 17:11:00
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2015-01-12 09:26:00 / Author: Biorogue
you know you're one of my favorite creators and have been for a long time and this level is why. Wow. Great level to introduce yourself to the LBP3 audience. There were a couple of spots that I didn't care for too much though. Like having to guide myself to a bounce pad with the umbrella. I forgot which one it was, but it was a spot with umbrella to bouncepad that seemed a little off and I got confused as to where I was supposed to land and died like six times before I went, "OH! DANGIT! I was supposed to land over there!"
Also, that section where you have to jump up the slide via those pieces that create kind of a ladder, but they swing up and down, that was brutal. I think the timing is a little off with those. Anyway, overall an awesome level. Great job. Make much more!
2015-01-12 09:26:00
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