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WIP: Spiritus Wars: Magical Warfare

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2015-01-07 20:39:00 / Author: Rallen
Hey guys. I got my profile back from being corrupted. I figured nows a good time to share with you my current project that I'm working on. The same project I would've lost if I wouldn't have been able to get my profile back.

I call it Spiritus Wars: Magical Warfare. It's gonna turn up to be a 1-4 Player (Online or Local) Versus Level where you must take control of a Mage, where you will use your variety of powerful spells and abilities to defeat your friends or bots in an exciting Deathmatch of magical warfare. Oh yes, sparks will fly.

In the final level, you'll be able to select from a variety of Spiritus Forms (or Magical Elements) such as:
-Pure Spiritus
Each has it's different playstyle, affects on other forms, and strengths + weaknesses.

You'll also be able to vary your playstyle further by selecting a Spellcasting Technique. These are preference-based styles of casting spells. These Techniques include:
Each changes the momentum of your spells. For instance, if you prefer much harder hitting however slower spells, a good choice for you would be as a Warlock.

Anyway, you'll have about 21 different possible combinations of Elements and Techniques. The controls are fairly simple, and it's extremely fun even playing by yourself, blowing stuff up in the environment.

I'll be releasing a good Demo of the game sometime this week. I'll let you guys know when it's up so you can try it out if you're interested. You'll only be able to play as a Fire Magus, due to it being the only Mage that is ready for publishing. I'll be making the others in time. I spent most of my time this week reconstructing most of the 25% of data I actually did lose from my corrupt profile. But now that I'm caught up I'm officially back in action.

Oh and let me know if you would like to help out in any way with Spiritus Wars: Magical Warfare. Later on I'm definitely gonna need some testers. Leave suggestions, comments, ideas; anything.

Btw my Psn is rstrikers12 if you guys wanna friend me or something. ;d

Thanks for Reading!
2015-01-07 20:39:00
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2015-01-10 06:30:00 / Author: Rallen
I would really appreciate it if 3 people would be kind enough to help me test it out. The game works with 1 and 2 players, but I have no idea about 4 yet. It'll only take 10 minutes, unless you guys wanna play it more (be warned it is really fun). Any help is wanted.
2015-01-10 06:30:00
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2015-01-11 21:41:00 / Author: DiegoSMarinho
add me my psn is diegodsmBR and i will test it
2015-01-11 21:41:00
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2015-01-13 15:03:00 / Author: Rallen
The Demo is published!
2015-01-13 15:03:00
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