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Chef Oddsock

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2015-01-05 20:56:00 / Author: CodemanPSX
Chef Oddsock

"You are a chef and you must serve food to your customers. It's a game of luck and skill. Press to serve."

Chef Oddsock is a game of luck and skill, you must serve the correct food to your customers and earn the highest score possible!
If you serve the correct items, you'll gain a multiplier for a short amount of time.

Wrong Food and you'll lost points!

Tips: You can toss food away from the customers to save a slot for another item.
2015-01-05 20:56:00
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2015-01-06 04:05:00 / Author: Fox
Looks like a fun level. I'll be sure to play it. The icon is cute.
2015-01-06 04:05:00
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2015-01-06 10:52:00 / Author: nerd_dog
everyone should just play all your levels
2015-01-06 10:52:00
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2015-01-14 08:51:00 / Author: DragonFly2500
Played it a few days ago and I must say it was really fun but kind of buggy when you catch two or more items at the same time you can't give the right food to the customers :/ This need a little logic advance that you only can hold one item at the same time.. And the camera angle is a bit weird because the customers are too close to the camera and you can't see the correct position of them..
But all in all I had fun and this is the main point
2015-01-14 08:51:00
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