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The Gauntlet (survival challenge, beta version)

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2015-03-15 20:44:00 / Author: Indomitus1973
My first level in LBP3! (And my second ever)
The Gauntlet (beta version)

The Gauntlet is an infinite side-scrolling survival challenge across all 16 layers. Run, jump, climb, bounce and swing through each obstacle, then do it all again only faster! Collect points for the time you survive and bubbles you collect. The Gauntlet will eventually get you. How long can you last? (1-4 players)

Put this one together in a weekend marathon, from sketches to working beta version. Feedback is appreciated.

Planned changes:
- Replace the tl;dr intro notes with skippable spoken or cinematic intro. <- this will be in the next update, in a rough non-recorded voice form
- Add some ambiance. Possibly allow for changing ambiance with each obstacle section.
- Add some more obstacles, including some that are longer.
- An obstacle section that uses top-down physics (and allows the player to "fall off" into the background)
- Change the background.
- Add "stage" indicator. (Stage 1 = 20% full speed, Stage 2 = 30%, Stage 3 = 40%, etc)
- Decorate!

Thanks to a suggestion from blockbuster95 on
- Add elements that reverse direction. That will be tricky, but possible with the architecture I built, and sounds like it'll be worth the work.

edit: I just realized that, once I get the foundation and basic mechanics exactly right, I'd be able to build different versions for the different sack characters. Could be interesting.
2015-03-15 20:44:00
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