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Crystal Light Cave (platformer)

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2015-03-28 21:51:00 / Author: dakrrs Crystal Light Cave

Level Type: Platformer/iCandy

Playable Character: Swoop

Difficulty: Very easy

Length: Medium

Max Players: 1


Very Scenic
Decent frame rate on PS3
Playable character other than Sackboy
Decent level length
Special ability


Extremely easy
Recommended for one player
Preset music
Flying/Swooping ratio unbalanced

2015-03-28 21:51:00
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2015-03-29 03:20:00 / Author: sana_88
Wow! Just by looking at the screenshot, it makes me wonder if this platformer iCandy really lives up to what I see here! I'll be sure to play it and leave a (usually) positive review stating on anything that could be fixed/added and most of all, what I felt of the level!
2015-03-29 03:20:00
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2015-04-03 10:49:00 / Author: jhonsiak
Another masterpiece made by you! It's really awesome how you develop the whole level (which is pretty big) with a basic idea. That's not easy to be done. Best iCandy level ever!

Of course I found the Toothless!
2015-04-03 10:49:00
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2015-04-03 12:00:00 / Author: CuriousSack
I will have to wait til tomorrow to get a chance to play it! But then...then I will enjoy a wonderfully looking masterpiece, for sure! Nearly can't wait any longer!
Many greetings, J├╝rgen^^
2015-04-03 12:00:00
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