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Making a Burn N Explode microchip

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2013-04-21 10:21:00 / Author: ToonLucas22
(Getting microchip and putting things into the microchip steps not included because that's obvious)
Get a Counter from your Tools Bag, set the max. to 1, get a Danger Tweaker, set it to Fire, connect the counter to the Danger Tweaker, then get a Timer (Make sure your level is paused or the Timer will start counting up! To pause it, press the button),set the max. to 1.0, connect the Counter to the Timer, set the Timer to Start Count Up, get a Destroyer, set it to Explode, (Optional) set the "Include Rigid Connections" to yes, connect the Timer to the Destroyer, then connect ANY swtich to the counter and here we go!
Hope this was helpful
2013-04-21 10:21:00
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2013-04-22 06:43:00 / Author: jhonsiak
This is what l asked to get in your moon?
Also l like this...Burn and Explode
2013-04-22 06:43:00
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2013-04-22 07:16:00 / Author: Deleted User
Well, I personally never liked logic tutorials, that explain you how to make something. The tutorials that explain basics or useful concepts are very good, but this is just taking the fun away.

I can make logic like not much people, but let's assume that I don't know how to do anything.
And I follow your tutorial, I get a Burn and Explode chip.
But where's the fun in that?
Logic is intended to be a tool in making functional stuff and having fun making it.
If people follow tutorials step by step, then there's no point.

But that's just my opinion.
2013-04-22 07:16:00
Deleted User
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2013-04-29 18:20:00 / Author: L-i-m-i

A good tutorial teaches stuff that's beyond basic and leads to a point of growth. i.e.
this tutorial has now gotten some to apply what's inside said tutorial. Now a wise creator will take what they have learned and build upon it.
i.e. hmmm what can I do with this tutorial or further increase its usefulness or how can I make this more awesome.
maybe I can make a volcano in the background with lava balls shooting out and then exploding. wouldnt the shooting lava balls already be on fire in real life?, yes. So i will take a rock and place a invisible sticker panel behind it on fire. hmmmm. now it will be a rock with a fire outline shooting thru the skyline. What next: now I will apply what I did here and turn the rock on fire and then Whammo, explosions everywhere. also I could slice and dice the rock to where it explodes in multiple pieces each exploding .2 seconds apart. now I have 1 explosion that breaks the rock into 4/5 pieces then moments later those 4/5 explode in succession with one another. the initial explosion could be the sticker panel. this will eliminate one destroyer from the sequence.

This is typically how I read tutorials.
2013-04-29 18:20:00
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2013-06-13 17:54:00 / Author: Chrisneve
U have a point
2013-06-13 17:54:00
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