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2015-04-05 12:54:00 / Author: panhandler92
Trash my level so I can make it better. I hope to make a level 2 of it, and I need all the feedback I can get. I know the tree part is pretty sketchy. Other than that, have at thee!

the code to embed the link doesn't seem to want to work. so there's that for ya.
2015-04-05 12:54:00
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2015-04-05 14:02:00 / Author: Sound Friction
Well, you are asking for people to trash your level, then I will do so:

- There isn't really a background, so that ruins the level already in my eyes.
- All the arrows, so much of them, really ruins the looks of the train wagons.
- The wagons really look very easy made within 30 seconds and without grid. Not decorated, look more like box cars. Just plain box cars with some premade bombs in it.
- You could've made custom bombs. The premade bombs look really awfull in almost all cases.
- Track where the wagons are riding on doesn't even look nice.
- Could've picked a better music track.
- Annoying game camera perspectives.
- Standard lightning. Could've atleast made a little adjustment.
- The bounce pads just stick out, which looks awfull in my eyes.
- Very basic logic.
- Awfull material selection.

There. I hope you like my criticism. :3
2015-04-05 14:02:00
Sound Friction
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2015-04-05 14:40:00 / Author: panhandler92
hahahaha, i really do. i appreciate your honesty. thats the only way to make it better. there's no background on purpose. none of them are deep enough. most of the arrows should be gone, i republished it last night with a few tweaks. looks like its back to the drawing board with me
2015-04-05 14:40:00
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2015-04-05 17:16:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I'll go ahead and give it a look. may be a while before I do so (pretty busy these days) but you can bet i'll get around to it.
2015-04-05 17:16:00
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2015-04-05 17:34:00 / Author: samuasp
if your on the ps3 then i can give you a hand if not then you will have to wait till my ps4 comes back from the repair shop

after playing your level i agree with sound friction, a level should have at least a minimum of a week spent on it, this ensures all bugs are eradicated from it (not that i found any in your level) but this is a general rule i stick to as i find that a few days into a project i realise that one part of the level may be better somewhere else and move things around, you would be supprised how many time an original idea of mine gets changed and moved about. i would reckomend that you build your levels in a modular design as levels like the side scrollers are so much easier to tweak when built this way, alway have the emited object next to the emitter that it emitting it as this provides a referance point allowing you to make the changes you need without recapturing the item. i think that you really do need to put the effort into the background though as it does lack in detail after all you do have 16 layers, you could have a snow mountain scene in the back 4 layers, some smaller mountains in the layers 8-12 maybe a town in 4-7 and then the front layers with the track and the playable areas. in little big planet i see the majority of the inxperianced creators making "flat" levels, this is where you tend to stay in the same layer and not shift between the other playable ones, you also tend to see that the surface on which you do play is flat, get creative through some slopes in there it looks more visually appealing on the eye of your players and adds depth to the level. speaking of depth try and use an effect known as parralax, where objects in the front layers and moving faster than the ones in the background, for example a waterfall material at the front will have an animation speed of say 150% whilst the same piece of material in the back layers will have a speed of around 50%, this gives the depth of feild and makes you think that the background is far away when in fact it may not be, it is really an essential skill that i see a few creators use and if you get it right then it looks amazing. try and also use some custom logic, spend a bit of time looking and planing your level, what happens when the player gets from point a to point b, in this time is there any logic to be activated if so how will this be actvated? player sensor, tag sensor or my favorite, the impact sensor placed on sticker panal, this has so many uses from cameras to virtual "zones" where you are not limited by the circle detection range of normal sensors, you can have the detection range in any shape you want, this can be useful to you becasue you can place sticker panel over one of your trains, place down a microchip, on sed microchip ad an impact sensor set to include touching and to detect the players, then hook the impact sensor to a timer set to positional with what ever time you want, then hook the timer up to a game camera and set the cameras input value to activation scale, this is a great way of adding in camera angles

try and also use wireless logic of you havent already, takes the load of trying to find what wire does what and also means you can have things sent across the entire level without moving wires

this probably sound more like a tutorial than anything else but when it comes to level design and creation time is key and a good starting point is always the best way to go as my university professer keeps saying to me "failing to plan means you are planing to fail" something i always thing about when making a level and making sure my plan is always up to date and that it actually makes sense

anyways ive gone on for quite abit and could probably continue, like i said if your on ps3 ill jump right in and help you if your on ps4 then it will be a few weeks before i can help you

if you want to check out on of my platformers that i have nearly finished then here it is <script>
lbp_ext = {
'lang' : 'en','name' : 'link_magician','theme' : 'grey','host' : '//'.replace('%port%', window.location.href.indexOf('https:&apos > -1 ? '443' : '80&apos };
document.write('<script src="' + + '/widgets/link_magician/js/loader.lbp3.min.js"></scr' + 'ipt>&apos;

if you have the time then you should check this youtube video out, its something that i have been working on remaking for the past two months and i think that i could have it published by summer hopefully -

wish you good look and if you need anything let me know, sam
2015-04-05 17:34:00
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2015-04-06 04:27:00 / Author: Redice141
^ Great advise.
2015-04-06 04:27:00
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2015-04-06 10:38:00 / Author: Indomitus1973
haven't played it yet (I'm at work) but I agree on using wireless logic. Named tags, tag sensors, and broadcast chips all come in very handy.

An example from one of mine:
I have 2 separate sets of emitters at opposite sides of the level, and they're numbered to coordinate pieces being released. For the #1 emitter on the right side, there's a #1 on the left side, for the right #2 there's a left #2, and so on. To control them, I've set up a command chip with a single selector, which activates numbered tags. The numbered tags are picked up by tag sensors connected to each emitter, which tell them which one to fire next. No wires outside of the chips, nice and clean, and easy to expand. Before I did that, it was a mess of wires big enough to hurt my frame rate (on ps3) if I opened the chip.
As a bonus during testing, I can plug tag sensors into the inputs of the selector and short-circuit it to skip parts if I just want to test specific pieces.
2015-04-06 10:38:00
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2015-04-06 15:44:00 / Author: panhandler92
samuasp, i appreciate you taking the time to impart so much advice. youv'e given me a lot to think about. ill definitely be checking out your levels, you seem to be a seasoned creator.
2015-04-06 15:44:00
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