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Project: Mega Walrus (Demo)

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2015-04-18 20:23:00 / Author: VoksMaiGosh
The Demo for my Adventure Project:MEGA WALRUS is now Published. The level demonstrated is of the Sky stage of the Adventure. Please Enjoy!

(Fair Warnings I would like to HEAVILY emphasis): Because the Health system is working on the Hud Tool, on Playstation 4 the Health Bar and the Boss health bar does not show up but still is active. It is an easy Fix I can implement in the future, but for all purposes if you can I highly reccomend this is played on PS3 if you would like to see how many hits you have left. Link to the Level


*EDIT* - PS4 Version of the stage now has a completel different health bar thanks to the Platform Sensor!



This is due to the issue with of course the Hud Tool not working properly on PS4. but everything for the most part works the same. just a few buggy things such as the camera near a force sensor.
2015-04-18 20:23:00
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2015-04-19 00:14:00 / Author: sana_88
Looks awesome! Perhaps you could add some information about the level here on the LBForums.
Ooh! A link! CLICK!
2015-04-19 00:14:00
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2015-04-19 05:28:00 / Author: VoksMaiGosh
Actually I have in the Brainstorm and Projects section. Which I shall provide here. But besides that I suppose I could go in depth a bit more soon!
2015-04-19 05:28:00
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2015-04-19 07:22:00 / Author: dakrrs
The link below leads directly to your level. Queued.
2015-04-19 07:22:00
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