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Jungle Co-op Adventure [2 PLAYERS]

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2015-04-19 15:08:00 / Author: Fox Stevenson
Hello everyone, I'm here to show you guys a co-op level I made back in lbp2 and I decided to republish it because I think it's worth of your time. Please check it out, I appreciate any feedback.

Level: Jungle Co-op Adventure
Description: Go with a friend through a beautiful jungle and reach the depths of a dark mysterious cave.

This level is made for 2 players only, even though you can have more it's best suited for only 2. It has fun gameplay with challenging sections and gorgeous design. It's all about teamwork to finish this level.

Creator notes: I don't know why but playing with other people makes me lag even though my internet connection is good, so for the best experience you should probably get a couch friend to try it out.


I am currently creating a lbp3 level and it's looking awesome! It will have some pretty good rewards for you to unlock and buy with the collectabells that you find. And with replay value, (which I find lacking in levels these days, apart from rpg style levels...)

Thanks for your time!
2015-04-19 15:08:00
Fox Stevenson
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