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Goon Wars, A Turn-Based Strategy

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2015-02-17 17:25:00 / Author: sewo97
I would like to introduce to you Goon Wars. It's a Turn-Based Strategy level with core functions and glitches as this is a demoing. It's inspired by Splash Damages very own RAD Soldiers. Note after two days of pure logic building, and some small bumps, I've got a functioning level together for people to play. The reason I've published it this early is I started in September of 2014 in LBP2. But I broke the pathfinder which was beautiful with function. The level was golden. You hadn't seen anything like it. But I stopped working on it and I think I must have deleted a couple of my backups, lost some stuff and decided to wait until LBP3. And I've only just decided to work on it. But in 2 days I've been able to throw together:

- Grid-based movement with path avoidance
- Attacking opponents
- Action points
- Health points
- Statistic display which shows the stats of the selected character
- Cover bonuses
- Chance to miss a shot

The level doesn't have a ton of features just yet but there are enough that I can declare it playable. But I'm going to be updating the level as much as I can. I promise, I really want people to play something different, that's not just another pretty platformer with the same puzzles we've seen before, or another City RPG. So onto current features in the making and so to be added, include:

- Player trigger switching to make it faster to pick a player
- Health and action point boosters on the playing field and other gameplay changers
- Special cop and goon abilities
- Sackbots as characters including animations
- Health display for enemy just shot
- Map editor (not a priority)
- Cover blocking attack
- Custom font full implementation
- Cursor blocking
- AI to play against in the event you don't have a friend (now this one I know for a fact is ambitious, it's why I'm going to be working on it as each piece of logic is being worked on and fixed)

This level may sound or be overly ambitious but I've got most of the logic out of the way and it's full steam ahead at finishing visuals and bug fixing essentially. The only thing that will be a challenge is building an AI to play against and creating a flawless pathfinder (man oh how I wish it were easier than it is). So please enjoy, the gameplay is rather slowish but I'm going to be improving on speed.

Oh, and a story will be there. I'm adding story levels in when I finish the basic AI. And the story is going to be juicy, it's based on my upcoming creator-owned superhero comic book, and as a perfectionist I don't settle on an idea until I feel like I'm going to like it everlastingly. I don't really like the term perfectionist either, think I might have some kind of OCD.

Here's the level: Goon Wars

Oh and please leave feedback in the comments section, not reviews. And please if you do happen to heart the level don't just heart it and not give it a yay, this is starting to annoy me. Thanks for reading if you did, and bless you if you played the level.
2015-02-17 17:25:00
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2015-02-17 21:42:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
That sounds interesting!
2015-02-17 21:42:00
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2015-02-18 07:30:00 / Author: sewo97

Bug: I fixed a problem that caused the player to move out too many layers
Menu: I've added two new options that are currently locked and improved the camera smoothness
Tutorial: I've started working on implementing this into the level, it can be seen in the menu
Gameplay: I zoomed the camera in a little
Gameplay: I added a message that informs the player whose turn it is
Visuals: Updated fonts

And just some other small tweaks
2015-02-18 07:30:00
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2015-02-18 11:38:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I'll be giving it a shot
2015-02-18 11:38:00
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2015-02-19 17:12:00 / Author: sewo97
Any posts about updates or comments in general will be on LBPCentral:
2015-02-19 17:12:00
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2015-05-06 10:23:00 / Author: sewo97
I'd like to say that all items from this project will now be available to copy from my Earth here. Due to a prolonged duration of absence from the game. I have decided to take a different approach with the level. Thus rendering a bit of logic unused. I hope if you are to copy the level. You do better with the current system than I.

For my newly renowned version. I will be updating a lot of the systems to suit a more realistic turn-based strategy for example. Smooth direct-to-grid movement. As I have completely removed the grid by grid movement system. I'll be broadcasting much more often the process of working the logic. Thank you for reading. If you did anyways.
2015-05-06 10:23:00
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