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2015-04-21 06:25:00 / Author: Psmerga
Hi sackfolk.
This level is only for sharing purpose.
The logic is fully copy- and tweakable.
I dont care about credits, plays, hearts or how you use it.
Use it how you see it fit. (Republish or whatsoever)
This logic is what i use for my coming adventure.
Dont use all the logic at once and delete everything that you dont need for the current level.
Not useable with dynamic thermo. Sorry. :.(
2015-04-21 06:25:00
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2015-04-21 08:05:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I'll give it a look. mostly just to take a peak at your logic setup, but it looks interesting
2015-04-21 08:05:00
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2015-04-21 08:14:00 / Author: Psmerga
Cool, i am looking up to your comment about logic.
Oh and say if there should be issues because of dlc stuff.
2015-04-21 08:14:00
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2015-05-07 11:53:00 / Author: Psmerga
Working currently on momentum for in/out movement.
Works only short for now but better than nothing.
Trying to prolong it while in jump.
This would significantly improve the feeling of the movement.
(Having difficultys like hell there)
Changed the logic for animations.
Using now sequencer with different animations in it.
Makes same job but looks smoother and tidier.
Changed the way of signal delaying.
Using now timer like in the chip from Khodex.
It looks tidier.
Thinking how to slow the diagonal movement in different way because dislike the physics of the movement based with advanced mover.
Perhaps using game tweaker combined with timer for slower faster running.
Retweaked slightly some parts of movement.

Update comes as soon as finished.
2015-05-07 11:53:00
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2015-05-09 06:15:00 / Author: Psmerga
Updated new version. -201505091400-
It has now momentum in 3D.
Need some tuning.
I will retweak it when sumo repairs the speed sensors.
For some reason, the sensors dont output the correct signal while dashing. :'(
Contains also an older version for people that will dislike the momentum.
Have fun exploring the layout of the logic.
2015-05-09 06:15:00
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