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2015-05-06 20:28:00 / Author: ramkibainu
LBP presents


-Detective Douglas Sackland was assigned to investigate the disappearance of Director William Bull and his film crew when they were filming the movie Terror in Soundless Mountain at the outsides of the Hills of Silence town...-

this is my requiem and my tribute for the best horror game of the history: Silent Hill

-I wrote a entire script for the story, that fits perfectly with the lore of the original games, the story is a direct sequel from the original 3 games so expect see some of the characters of these games in future levels.
it's not a direct recreation of a game, only have nods and enviroments from the original games, puzzles and events were created by me, the fabulous SH music was made by mady tricell.

-since character teleport not works in sackbots I made my own tech for the changes between 1st person view areas and 3rd person view.

yes, it have some 1st person view areas. see the photo, do you recognize him?

face traps and monsters or evade them

use your skills to survive

what a beautiful view!

don't be afraid of the dark... be afraid of what it's hiding

-the weapon system is experimental, due sackbots haven't the option to use customized powerups I made my own tech trying to simulate a gun for sackbots, (I'm fan of realism. I not use sackboys because they are too tiny to construct environments relative to their size)
so is difficult to control the weapon, because the 3d character movement messes with the aim and shooting... if the sackbot faces background changes the direction of the axis and sometimes the bullet, even is one thick layer sized hits thin layers... so you have to reposition the sackbot to hit correctly the target.
with practice is possible dominate the aim, but if you want can evade the monsters and finish the level without shooting a single bullet.

-you can experience some lag due the fog and character animations,but I can't remove these things due it are iconic.

the level relies on heavy logic so if you find a bug, just tell me
thanxs I hope you enjoy it
2015-05-06 20:28:00
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2015-05-07 00:20:00 / Author: nerd_dog
will definitely play! here is the link btw
2015-05-07 00:20:00
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2015-05-07 00:54:00 / Author: CuriousSack
And if Nerd_Dog 's still alive afterwards, then I will also dare to play it!
2015-05-07 00:54:00
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2015-05-07 02:26:00 / Author: sana_88
If Nerd_Dog isn't still alive afterwards, I will not play it!
2015-05-07 02:26:00
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2015-05-07 06:37:00 / Author: ramkibainu

I forgot to add the level link , anyway i edited it
2015-05-07 06:37:00
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2015-05-07 11:44:00 / Author: Psmerga
Nice level. Good atmosphere. Worked lagfree on PS3.
Please add more fog and maybe darken it slightly. That would do the trick for sure.
Maybe some candles. If you need glitched small red candles, i can share you some.
If you fear the lag then try to cut the fog in more regional parts that are only visible while near sackbot. (Works fine in my level)
If it is pure one player level, then you can maybe make a sackbot follower fog that slowly rotate two great circles against each other.
(8 layers perhaps, didnt experiment with that)
The center of the two circles should be pretty much higher above sackbot so you dont spot that it rotates.
Enjoyed the level. Needs more plays.
2015-05-07 11:44:00
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2015-05-07 11:58:00 / Author: Biorogue
now normally I don't like scary stuff, but this looks so dang good that I just have to try it out. Queued bossman.
2015-05-07 11:58:00
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2015-05-12 04:23:00 / Author: ramkibainu

thanks for playing and for the suggestions
seems that the fog isn't a big deal in terms of lag for those that played it.
I added the red candles and some little changes and these things really improved the feeling of the story.
2015-05-12 04:23:00
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