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2015-05-06 06:30:00 / Author: shookie99
Oh goodness, what have I done?! I have spent the last two months or so working on my new level on lbp3. If you are familiar with the "My Companion Bomb" series I did in lbp2 then you will feel mostly right at home with this incarnation. That means that this level is difficult to say the least! Difficult but not impossible as I am not really a skilled player and I can complete the level. I take no responsibility for your rage quitting and controller throwing that may ensue! Please watch the tutuorial on your first playthrough and always make sure your Grabinators are equipped before picking up the bomb.

1. Carry your bomb all the way through the level without it hitting anything (the exception is rule #2), otherwise your bomb will go boom.
2. You can lay your bomb down on safe pads while you access switches (the timer on the bomb will still count down)
3. There is a one-minute timer on the bomb that will reset itself at each checkpoint. If the timer runs out then your bomb will go boom.
4. If you die, your game will also end.
5. IMPORTANT! Holding L1 down will allow you to run faster with or without the bomb and will also allow a slightly further leap/jump.
6. Race mode is already set up once you pick the bomb up.
7. Bonus points are awarded at each checkpoint...more bonus points given as you make it further into the level.

2015-05-06 06:30:00
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2015-05-06 08:06:00 / Author: Biorogue
can't wait to play it! Queued. Looks freaking great too!
2015-05-06 08:06:00
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2015-05-06 12:47:00 / Author: nerd_dog
haha nice man! queued up

Edit: I couldn't use that link so i'll leave this one here for everyone
2015-05-06 12:47:00
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2015-05-07 00:39:00 / Author: CuriousSack
Guess what!...queued!
2015-05-07 00:39:00
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2015-05-07 02:23:00 / Author: sana_88
Seems legit
I can see some score bubbles aren't always even when it comes to placement, but that is fine!
2015-05-07 02:23:00
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2015-05-12 06:27:00 / Author: shookie99
Haha I think score bubble placement won't be of much concern once you play it. From what I have seen, a lot of people aren't even making it past the first obstacle. Just remember L1 lets you run faster and jump a little further, and both of those skills are needed on several occasions.
2015-05-12 06:27:00
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2015-05-12 10:52:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I played this and my bomb went BOOM!! many times.. I will come back again.. and try to not make my bomb go boom
2015-05-12 10:52:00
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2015-05-20 08:33:00 / Author: leftstickrightstick
It was a super fun level. Though you made it sound like we would have to go through many more play throughs than we did to complete it. (for those wondering 15 attempts)
Not really sure if playing it 2P helped or hindered us

repeating the level so many times made me completely forget what was said in the tutorial so forgot about the L1 to run faster.

I would really enjoy a whole series of these levels should you feel inclined to make them shookie99! xP
2015-05-20 08:33:00
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2015-05-20 15:10:00 / Author: shookie99
Thanks for the feedback and there are four versionso in lbp2.
I love my companion bomb part 1, 2, and 3. Part three is jet pack edition and the Halloween version was I love my pumpkin.
2015-05-20 15:10:00
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2015-05-20 23:44:00 / Author: dakrrs
Extremely difficult? This probably won't end well. O_o

Oh well, queued!
2015-05-20 23:44:00
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