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CURSED: a horror story

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2015-05-29 09:25:00 / Author: ramkibainu
the master of horror is back with a new level! :B
CURSED: a horror story
the teacher and exsorcist Sinzumoto Tesuda was lost when investigating the haunted mansion Shimuro.
2 days later,fearing the worst his daughter Makoto arrives to the mansion to find him.

following the tradition of the hills of silence here is my tribute to fatal frame

play as Makoto, discover the dark secrets of the Shimuro mansion and fight against evil spirits in searching for her father

switch between 1st and 3rd person view whenever you want

battle some really scary japanese ghosts

apreciate the beautiful environment and the scary atmosphere

I'm not saying that it is the most beautiful horror level in LBP...but it is

-thanks to everyone to tested my level to find bugs, WARNING: not play this level with others or you can experience some weird bugs, the level is supposed for 1 PLAYER ONLY, but I can't find a way to ensure that the level only accepts one player at time... there is no real option in the game to limit to strictly 1 player :/

anyway if you find a bug tell me and if you have suggestions too, I'm planning a second part and I want to offer to players a smooth experience with some quality levels :B
2015-05-29 09:25:00
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2015-05-29 09:39:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
Wow the pictures look awesome good job! Queued
2015-05-29 09:39:00
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2015-05-29 12:29:00 / Author: Biorogue
man, this stuff looks too scary. I'll queue it but if I wet my bed I'm sending you a bill for new sheets!
2015-05-29 12:29:00
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2015-05-29 19:45:00 / Author: Psmerga
Awesome work. Thanks for promoting this awesome level. Artistic. Great atmosphere. Enjoyed it.
Nice using of the awesome tree decos from hfmiles. YAAAAAAY i love this high detailed decos.
Loved all the stone statues. Nice usage of the thining glitches for the round shaped parts of the lantern statues.
The architecture of the mansion also went cool.
Felt pretty long but it took also pretty long to purify the ghosts.
Didnt solve the mystery of the samurai armors. Faceless doll reminded me of "blooming".
You are becoming one of my favorite creators.
This deserves in my opinion teampick.
2015-05-29 19:45:00
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2015-05-29 20:22:00 / Author: SakuraLBPDragonX
Wow! That looks awesome! I definitely going to queue this!

The atmosphere looks really creepy and looks really well done too. =3
2015-05-29 20:22:00
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2015-05-30 11:59:00 / Author: CuriousSack
I will have to drink some valerian tea before playing this, but I will play it!...maybe I should also do some autogenic training before...maybe I should consult my therapist before...
I will play it!
2015-05-30 11:59:00
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2015-06-03 17:17:00 / Author: ramkibainu
thanks everybody, I'm glad to know that my level accomplished the goal to be scary, I'm planning a more scary 2nd part!
2015-06-03 17:17:00
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2015-06-03 18:08:00 / Author: Psmerga
In my opinion it wasnt all that scary but more atmospheric and artistic.
It was really well made level and i am curiously awaiting the next part.
Really great work.
2015-06-03 18:08:00
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