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2015-07-02 11:55:00 / Author: Wgp147
I just edited my level titled Crash Bandicoot: Crash of the Titans, after it was shown on the LittleBIGPlanet YouTube channel. Sadly the video is of the old version which is much less detailed. The level is basically a 1-2 player level based off the "recent" Crash game Crash of the Titans. It's always been my favorite (don't kill me in the comments please) even though most people don't think it reflects the Crash Bandicoot franchise. In the level you play as Crash Bandicoot who can double jump with X and punch using the square and circle buttons. The second player will play as Carbon Crash, a cooler looking version of Crash Bandicoot with a white color scheme rather than an orange one. This Crash has the same powers. If either player dies the level will end with a screen showing up depicting the fail screen in the actual game. If you die you can restart the level. This is only the first level of the game, which is set on Wumpa Island near Crash and Coco's homes. The next level will be set in the Lumber Yard, followed by N.Sanity Island, a volcanic wasteland, Uka Tree, and then a eventually leading to Cortex's Doominator, which Uka Uka has assigned to Nina due to Cortex's failures. The entire objective of the the game is to save the kidnapped Coco and stop Cortex's Doomsday device all the while defeating minions and mutants. I've only published the first level so far but the second is almost finished and will be published soon. Check it out with a friend or alone, others can join but they won't be in the Crash sackbots. Here's the link for the level on
2015-07-02 11:55:00
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