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Crash Bandicoot: Crash Of The Titans (1-2 Players)

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2015-06-01 18:26:00 / Author: Wgp147
It's the beginning of a series I've been making since I first got LBP3. I finally finished the first level and it turned out pretty good after a couple of updates. There is still more to add of course but I would appreciate it if it had more attention so I could have more feedback on how to improve. It will be continued with more levels and will be frequently updated. If you play it you can leave reviews and feedback here or on the level. It's a good level even for people who aren't fans of the new Crash games.
2015-06-01 18:26:00
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2015-06-13 12:08:00 / Author: gurren009
Sounds like a cool level! Do you have a link to it? It's what you usually do so that players can queue it up to play.
2015-06-13 12:08:00
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2015-06-14 06:23:00 / Author: ???
Sounds interesting, I always loved Crash Bandicoot as a child, and not so coincidentally, am working on a Crash project too! but based on the traditional ones by Naughty Dog though. Anyways, the final product of your project should be a nostalgic treat for fans to go through too, but maybe some pictures and a link to your level would be nice

may I wish you the best of luck, and welcome to LBF, you might also consider introducing yourself in the Meet and Greet section
2015-06-14 06:23:00
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2015-07-02 12:25:00 / Author: Wgp147
Thanks! If you want to check it out I posted another thread based on a newer version of the level if you want to check it out. It includes a link this time
2015-07-02 12:25:00
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2015-07-02 12:26:00 / Author: Wgp147
I've actually posted a newer thread of you want to see it. It has a link now
2015-07-02 12:26:00
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