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2015-07-03 12:16:00 / Author: petethepug
The Pixelized Kingdom.

The Pixelized Kingdom is a very short level made by me featuring my skills in 3D creating, and showing my levels off easily, in other words it means that players are able to access my levels more easily.
The main idea is to get the players attention to the artistic creating rather then messing around. So far there is only about one level Wizzard Towers in there so you can see the "behind the scenes", part of the level. Anyways,
The level will allow players to enjoy, and do the following.

Enjoy the 3D D├ęcor,
Mess around,
Take pictures, or selfies of the castle,
Browse my created levels
Easily access them through a level.

Please also note, this is my first level ever made in Little Big Planet 3 . As a result I would like everyone to be kind, but give me polite critizum, and be patient as I work on two games at once c:
Also just a quick notice: the level is not completely finished . Its just a quick awesome publish so I can see how my level is doing, and how others like it c:

To play the level search up:
"=.= Pixelized Kingdom =.=" without quotes,
and play it from there,

Still can't find it?
Try "=.= The Pixelized Kingdom =.="

Still not working? Hm...
Try looking at the new levels, and scroll down until you find a title most similar to mine, or made by me "petethepug"
Have a good one guys! This took me three days to make >_<.

Edit: I never knew about this .
Thank supmike ^ .
2015-07-03 12:16:00
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2015-07-03 13:33:00 / Author: petethepug
Bump c:
2015-07-03 13:33:00
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2015-07-03 18:17:00 / Author: supmike
I'l save everyone the trouble and leave the link for your level here

And I got it queued will check it out in a bit sounds fun !
2015-07-03 18:17:00
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2015-07-03 18:53:00 / Author: petethepug
Thanks Mike .
2015-07-03 18:53:00
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