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Ballvatars (Adorable Ball Avatars for the LBP3 Community)

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2015-06-28 00:35:00 / Author: DiamondDiancie10
My project of making adorable Avatars called Ballvatars has now came out in a giveaway level!
Project: Ballvatars, (Ball Avatars) is a project of mine to create many adorable Profile Pictures for members of the LittleBigPlanet Community, with custom-made ones for members here and friends!

This level contains Public and Custom Avatars for the Community. Public ones everyone can have, while Custom ones are asked for and so given to the asker. This level contains a Lockbox, if you requested a Ballvatar, you should receive a code within one week of response.

The Public Ones are be Sackboy, Bunkum's Heroes and Bunkum's Creator Curators! (More if requested.)
The Custom Ones will be of their Main Costume of choice, and will require a code to obtain.
They will be given out in a level with a Lockbox, the codes for the public ones are simple, the custom ones are complex.

Here is the list of Public Codes:

Sackboy: 00001
OddSock: 00002
Big Toggle: 00003
Little Toggle: 00004
Swoop: 00005

Good Newton: 12345
Evil Newton: 67891
Nana Pud: 54321
Marlon Random: 00000
Papal Mache: 10000
Pinky Buflooms: 00700

Custom Codes have been sent to everyone who has asked before the release. (One exception for a requested reason.)

Current Ballvatars in the level:


I will be open to hearing requests, but please provide a picture of the character or costume you want!

(And I will have a few filters, like nothing horror.)
2015-06-28 00:35:00
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2015-06-29 06:46:00 / Author: Sharfik1995
Excuse me, can you please sent me code again =) I think I delete all my messages
2015-06-29 06:46:00
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2015-06-29 07:08:00 / Author: Domick12

I want to use your project, but don't understand what I need to to do. Could you help me?
2015-06-29 07:08:00
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2015-07-04 21:35:00 / Author: Hamster_fluff
Why Harry Ate Tomato Even Very Exclusive Radishes = Whatever. Your welcome.
2015-07-04 21:35:00
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