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Id love a more engaging story for LBP games in general.

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2012-11-13 18:20:00 / Author: yugnar
*This thread may contain several spoilers for different LBP games*
I was not really sure where to put these as it involves many different LBP games, but I think this place is fine.

How can I know if I liked/am interested in the Story of a game? I imagine how mad I would be if somebody spoiled the ending to me. If my friends spoiled the ending for games like Halo 4 or Assassin's Creed 3, I would kill them. Maybe literally. If they spoiled the ending for games Ratchet & Clank or CoD, it would be frustrating, but after a few hours I'd say meh. But if they spoil the ending of an LBP game... Well, it would be no surprise: The bad guy gets defeated and probably becomes friend of Sackboy -Uhmmm... The Collector. Uhmmm... The Pupeteer. Uhmmm... The hoardlings-. You see?

If you don't believe me yet, let's "analize" recent LBP Story Modes. We have, LBPVita.

We have no real engaging background for Carnivalia. Where does it come from? How was it formed? Who does really live in that huge planet? Etc. Are questions we may never answer. Then we have the actual Story mode. The first zone was OK, pretty boring but the character was good and it was a tutorial after all. But then we find weird stuff from beginning to -almost- the end. From an ABSOLUTE RANDOM mix of a garden and a clockwork themed zone, to an ABSOLUTE RANDOM "Coaster Valley". The name tells it all: Randomness at its purest form. Ok, you'll be saying. It is Carnivalia, so a "Coaster Valley" isn't that weird. Anyway, this Coaster Valley only had one level that involved Coasters. From garbage monsters to magical triangles, even though this were some of my favorite levels gameplay-speaking, their story relevance is almost nonexistant. I only really liked the last zone, Spooky Mansion. It was the only zone it felt extremely well fit in this Story, the levels were beautiful and really fun, and the Creator Curator wasn't something totally unrelated to the Story. Maybe that's why many people seem to love Ms. Sunshine's levels. And even though, I think LBP Vita's is by FAR the best designed plot for an LBP game.

For Karting is basically the same. I won't make its full-depth analysis, but the Story lacks of coherence. You go from Monster Islands to that horrid world that I don't really understand if it was the city of the future, a rotten-food land, or some kind of amusement park.

Last commentary. I know the Story Mode is just an excuse to go on score-bubble hunting. And that the "magic" of LBP radicates in the Create mode, the simplicity of its Story Mode, etc. Anyway, I do think game writers could make a much better and much more engaging story for next -if ever- LittelBigPlanet game. I was especially disappointed with Karting's Story Mode. The levels themselves were quite beautiful, but the story was a total waste of pretty good plot.

Please leave your commentaries !
2012-11-13 18:20:00
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2012-11-13 21:13:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
I have to admit that this is the ugly truth... You are absolutely right yugnar.
2012-11-13 21:13:00
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2012-11-13 22:29:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
Yeah the karting story levels were really nice but but the story itself was boring and the bossfight....
2012-11-13 22:29:00
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2012-11-14 05:50:00 / Author: DeKa1357
I like the Story from Karting! They look very cool and have awesome levels! I think it's better than LBP2! It's good to have some new and some old planets!
2012-11-14 05:50:00
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2012-11-14 07:14:00 / Author: c34251
I,too Cool design
2012-11-14 07:14:00
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2012-11-14 12:54:00 / Author: yugnar
Yeah, as I said the planets and the level design were EXTREMELY good. But the history is EXTREMELY terrible.
2012-11-14 12:54:00
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